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Monkey Temple

When I think of visiting major tourist sites, especially UN World Heritage Sites, I picture visiting a place that’s very old and no longer in use other than tourism (whether that’s locals visiting to learn about their own history, or foreign visitors). Its about the past.The temples in Kathmandu are old, but they’re still very much in current use. It was Saturday, so the temples were full of people who had come to pray or otherwise pay homage to the sites.

The first temple we visited was full of sacred monkeys who seemed to live very well on the fruit and crackers people brought them. Some of the stories say that they became domesticated when the hippies started feeding them in the 60s. But there is also an story that they are descended from the lice of a holy man who lived at the site in the olden times.

If you have any wishes, you throw a coin in here and try to get it in the pot. I missed.

The monkeys mostly ignored people unless they had food. They would take your snacks, or you could just hand them over. They also would try to take them from each other.

Where there are snacks, there are also dogs hoping to get in on the action.